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Visiting Galiza? Well…


I’m glad to announce the “comeback” of an old idea of mine: Galicia Unveiled.

This is a project specifically designed for anyone wishing to discover this wee country in a very personal way 🙂

It was indeed created back in 2016 under a different premise, and just because of that placed on an hiatus for 2017 and 2018. Yet, fortunately, it has been relaunched again in 2019 with a new approach and strategy.

Galicia Unveiled will offer a unique insight into Western European culture and heritage where the tourist will no longer be just that, but a traveller.
Indeed, it is my intention to make visitors feel and experience this land in the same way I do, sharing genuine stories and references.

So Galicia Unveiled as such is currently offering free (tip-based) walking tours in the award-winning city of Pontevedra. Other (non-free) locations and further services and travel arrangements are available on demand.

Fingers crossed and let’s see how it goes 😀

Do visit for all the info and follow it on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for all the news, comments and pics 😉

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