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Did we invent Halloween as well?


magusto_galaicoGhosts, bats, witches, and pumpkins and Dracula and… Well, Dracula shouldn’t be on the list.

What is Halloween after all, beyond the commercial trap? Sure, most compatriots think it’s just that: a new fad for kids to make parents spend more and for adults to have (yet another) excuse for a crazy night out. Still, they are neglecting the fact that this ancient celebration actually is part of our own heritage as a People, having little to do with the contemporary Hollywood portrayal and the shopping centre frenzy.

I’d like to invite you to read the following article, written by a friend of mine and well-versed researcher. It might come as a surprise to some… 🙂

I had always had a certain reluctance in accepting Halloween entering our lives. It is a tradition that we use to link with the USA, with the carved pumpkins and horror costumes, so popularised in the films. This all reached us when shops started to adopt Halloween paraphernalia in their decorations. They found there a new business opportunity that filled the gap between Summer and Christmas. Yet, when we were children, the night of October 31st was always known as ‘Night of the Witches’, and I remember waiting in vain until midnight in the hope of glimpsing some witch crossing the sky on her broom.

The truth is that the way Halloween was aggressively introduced and promoted also contributed to that reluctance of mine. Plus… [CONTINUE READING]

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